Terms of use

General information:
The operator of this website does not accept liability for technical malfunctions and reserves the right  to discontinue operating our websites at any time.  
At the same time the operator does not accept liability for the contents of any single newsletter published.
Legitimation of the operator: pixelpoint multimedia werbe gmbh, Neuer Platz 7 / 2, 9020 Klagenfurt.

Rights and duties of the user:
The user is not authorized to make available for free or against payment any goods and services or contents from this website to third parties.
Any violation may lead to claim for damages.
Furthermore the user is not authorized to use contents for his own commercial intentions.
Basically, however, the user is entitled to set links to the websites concerned, as long as he informs the operator of the website beforehand. Any kind of link with contents that violate criminal laws, competition laws and administrative criminal laws is prohibited.
This is also true for pornographic contents.

User data:
During registration the user may enter personal data.
These data will exclusively be used for the obvious initial purpose and will not be passed on to third parties.
The operator does not take over liability for data security while they are being transferred from the userís computer to the receiving server.
The operator reserves the right to delete users from the system without giving reasons. The operator is also entitled to file the usersí IP addresses and to block IP addresses where appropriate.
The user explicitely agrees to the filing of his IP address and safeguards that third parties will not have unauthorized access to this IP address and its environment. The owner of the IP address is liable for all inquiries, orders and further commitment carried out by third parties.

Jurisdiction and final clauses:
For any dispute concerning the use of these websites or concerning the accomplishment of this contract the competent court located in Klagenfurt shall be litigated. The parties agree upon the application of Austrian laws.

Should any single clause of these terms of use be in conflict with mandatory law, only the sentence concerned within this clause will become invalid. The concerned clause must be replaced by a similar clause.

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